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Helping You Move Forward

  • My first Whole30 took place September 2016

  • I have performed 5 Whole30s since then

  • I have a mild form of a Degenerating Spine Disease

    • I took pain medication for years with little results of decreasing pain

    • Whole30 got rid of my chronic pain (since I was 6-years-old) on Day 9

  • I have yo-yoed with weight my entire life until my first Whole30, where I lost 16lb and have kept it off since

  • I had an Eating Disorder in college – the Whole30 program has rid my negative thoughts and relationship with food 


  • I was named after the Japanese beer Kirin Ichiban

  • I am half Hispanic (Mom's side), half Caucasian/Dutch (Dad's side)

  • I am Bilingual- English & Spanish

  • My name comes from the Japanese beer “Kirin Ichiban” & I’m still trying to figure out how my parents came up with that 

  • I am 26-years-old

  • I have three siblings - I am the middle child

  • I graduated from Loyola Marymount University (LMU) in Los Angeles with a Health and Human Science degree

  • My favorite hobby is Archery

  • I am a Perfectionist- good and…not so good for me

  • My favorite snack food is Popcorn

  • Favorite food is a tie between Sushi & Pizza

  • I have been to over 40 concerts in my life

  • I step on a scale only once a year for my annual physical

  • I was going to be an OB/Gyn until I switched to Family Medicine

  • I played Water Polo in high school and some in college

  • I Believe in Miracles

  • Quote I live by (and is on the front screen of my phone) - She Believed She Could So She Did

  • I taught myself how to do makeup from Youtube and have done makeup on a few wedding parties for friends

  • I have always wanted to become a doctor, ever since I could speak (my mom says)

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